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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Good News

A couple of good news tidbits:

First, I finished the September issue of my Fatigue Busters newsletter and sent it out! That had been hanging over my head for a week.

Second, I am feeling infinitesimally better! I have to warn myself that I am not back to baseline yet, so I need to ease into it gently. I have these bursts of energy and just want to DO something!

Third, my blog AND my website have both been listed on Worldwide Association for ME/CFS Awareness and Research (WAMCARE)'s website!

Many of you are listed on the bloggers list, as well! Congratulations!


Renee said...

Congrats...and thanks for giving us their links. I had not heard of them before and it looks like a good site....with more blogs to check into also.

Lori P said...

I'm glad to hear you're feeling better. And thanks for the links. I discovered that we were on there as well.

I'm embarrassingly out of it because I can't find a link to your newsletter and would read it. Is there a link on your blog?

Lori P said...

Oops. Meant to say "would LOVE TO read it." See? Really out of it. Serious lack of proofreading skills.

Sue Jackson said...

Glad to hear you're improving. Me, too, though I overdid with a trip to Target today!

Thanks for telling us about the list of blogs.


Shelli said...

Lori, the link is

I'm open to ideas and suggestions for improvement, too! Thanks!

Dusty Bogwrangler said...

Brilliant news! I'm right with you on the energy surges! Not worth it - I thought I was being very good but had a mini-crash yesterday.

Congrats on raising the profile of your blog and website. The more awareness out there the better. Woo hoo!

I AM ROSE said...

Thanks with Love for sharing this here.
Many helpful tips.
In Love.