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Monday, April 6, 2009

Is it Cancer -- Or Wishful Thinking?

Can undiagnosed skin cancer cause chronic fatigue? I've noticed I have several suspicious-looking moles. It's not surprising -- I've had palish skin since I was a child. I grew up in Southern California before sunscreen was heard of. As a teen, SPF 8 meant you were a wimp! Sun tanning oil was the rage. Every summer, I would get my traditional sunburn, which would then peel off and allow me to tan. I am a prime candidate for skin cancer!

So -- is it possible that I really don't have CFS at all, but instead skin cancer? Then, all it would take is getting rid of a few moles, maybe a little chemo (which they say is about as bad as CFS, anyway), and then voila! I'm all better!

Do we all have these fantasies? Is it denial?


Bluebirdy said...

Hi sweetie;
Your blog title got my attention, because I have CFS, fibromyalgia, lupus, M.S. and a number of other illness that just keep piling up when your immune system starts attacking your system. I have often said to people that this would be easier if it was cancer, because then I know it would end somehow. Either it would be cured, or I would pass away and the suffering would end. I am LDS like you as well. Also with cancer, you are not ignored and insulted by doctors, you are not cast aside by church members and friends and family because they don't understand if it is real or not. With cancer, you get pain control and help at home through the hospice program. I have raised a family, then lost a family, then moved home to care for elderly parents, one died last year, I have been mostly bedridden and only leave the house to go to the Dr. or hospital, so I can feel your "wishful thinking" that it would be cancer instead. I have also had skin cancer, and no, it does not make you tired in the beginning stages. Sorry if this is bad news for you. I do have something that might help you though. My daughter also has CFS and Fibro, and she started taking a natural supplement called D-Ribose, and as long as she is on it, she feels cured! This disease goes back in my family 11 generations, and she might have found the medicine that treats it just as good as insulin treats diabetes. It makes oxygen and nutrients get to each cell individually, and makes the pain and fatigue go away, so I think FM is caused by not being able to get oxygen to our cells, which is why we also get fibrofog. Check out . Its the newsletter where I learned about the ribose and told hundreds of people about it. It made me feel wonderful for a while, but it also stimulated my immune system, which makes lupus worse, so I can't take it. Keep in touch, spirit sister!

Shelli said...

Thank you Sheila! It's nice when people understand what you're going through. I know my sense of humor can get a little morbid once in awhile, and after I posted, I hoped I wasn't being too dismissive of cancer -- I know it's awful, but I agree with you: at least there is an end.

I'll keep you in my prayers. I hope you visit often, and also, I have some wonderful CFS cyberfriends -- I hope you discover them, too!

Renee said...

I know what you mean....if you had cancer it would be diagnosed, attacked and treated aggressively and there would be progress and often a cure insight for us! I don't think moles make you tired...good try though:)