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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Duel

I have two opposing symptoms that love to drive me nuts! First of all, I'm sensitive to cold, and I feel cold ALL the time! I wake up with frozen fingers and toes. I'm chilly all day long. I need the windows closed from early afternoon on. I'm cold!

However, I also have night sweats. A couple of times every night, I break out in a terrible sweat. This leads, of course, to the nightly duel. I start out comfortably snuggled under the covers as I fall asleep. Then, I'm tossing them off trying to get relief. This leads to shivers and reaching for the tossed blankets ... until I can't stand them and they're off again!

Is this why I never feel rested? (One of the many reasons, I know!)


Renee said...

This sounds familiar...I am cold all day and either under my wool comforter or putting heated rice socks on my feet..then around 6 I get warmer....go to bed at 10 and start sweating soon after...then take covers off and cold and then on and sweating....
Must be one of the special symptoms CFS shares with us!
(also Lymies do this)
My sympathy goes out for you.

Sue Jackson said...

I've had night sweats once in awhile and know just what you mean - it's awful to wake up soaked in sweat and shivering! Luckily, that's rare for me now.

Do you take medication to treat the sleep dysfunction? Not sedatives but medication to correct the hormonal imbalances that cause the sleep problems? I think that's what helped me the most. I now sleep just like I used to (before CFS) most nights, unless I'm severely crashed.

Here's a great article about it:


Unknown said...

Oh, I can relate! Although my night sweats have calmed down with treatment of my various ailments and now I'm just cold all the time. I do hope they tame for you, too!

me/cfs warrior said...

I know about feeling cold all day long. It's not fun. I used to have bad night sweats but they've stopped. Those are no fun.